Eberron - Eyes of the Lich Queen Character Diary

Regalport Missionary

Sar – Rhaan 14th, 998 YK to Wir-Rhaan 25th 998 YK

Paln Sakvan (Monastery Swiftwind)

Sar – Rhaan 14th, 998 YK

Saturday – September 14th, 998 YK


The streets of Regalport are busy with merchants and patrons filling the streets conducting sales, moving supplies and the typical day to day purchases of the cities residents. Kohl makes his way through the streets, looking for something his keen eyes have yet to reveal. He spent the evening before cleaning his armor, in the past month it had seen its share of combat. Not as much as serving on the Wall and running raids into the foul lands of Kithia, but regardless of the location, it had been good battle. Today, in the morning’s sunlight, Kohl’s armor gleamed, his shield, well warn, was slung across his back, the symbol of Torval set on the shield’s center reflected the sun’s light, casting a burning reminder on what ever it’s mirrored reflection touched, that the Kael God of Battle and the other Gods of Law had set a presence in Eberron.

Kohl continues to hike through the streets, occasionally asking questions to merchants, like where he could find high quality clothiers, or where a church of the sovereign host may be. Kohl, passing a vendor, takes note of the portly woman’s wears, capes, cloaks and robes. The embroidery and stitching was magnificent, even by Kael standards.

“Excuse me; did you do this needlework yourself?” Kohl asks, moving his finger across a section of leather on a cloak, neatly embroidered with an unfamiliar symbol.

The portly lady looks up ant the Kael and gives a double take at the appearance of a Knight of unknown race standing before her.

“Aye, that I did!” She points up to her sign and continues,”Allweather Clothery, ye won’t find better all year round clothing in all the Principalities! This is joost me street shop, I have a store front up the ‘ill from ‘ere where me partner and I work our magic!” She winks mischievously.

“Are you an Artificer? Are these clothes magical?” Kohl asks. He wished Taveah was here; lately she was able to see magic like it was nature itself, something to do with her dragonmark.

“Only in things of cloth an stitch, however our quality is still based solely on the skill and craftsmanship of our needlework!” Kohl could tell she was going to continue with something else, but her eye was on his own cloak, a cloak of Kael crafting. After a moment of her staring, she continues.

“What does your cloak do?” she asks.

“All my clothing is considered non-magical, however they have a lesser magical ability, they never dirty, stay dry and self repair.” Kohl answers, he begins to formulate an idea for trade.

“WHAT!? That’s magnificent! May I take a closer look? I have never seen this material, and the stitch work is stunning!” The portly lady reaches for the cloak and begins to study it, the Kael allows her.

“What is your name good Lady?” Kohl asks, introducing himself.

“Matilda Godra, people call me Tilly. Pleased to meet you Kohl.”

“Do you know someone who does personal heraldry work? I am in need of some banners and crests.” Kohl asks.

“Aye that I do! Allweather Clothery does for sure!” Tilly says still studying the cloak stitching, although she breaks out a monocle to inspect it closer.

“Well perhaps we can trade? I will allow you a day to study my cloak and you do some work for me for, let’s say at half price?” the bargaining begins.

Like an unfed dog given its first meal in days, Tilly looks at Kohl. Kohl has her and he knows it.

“I need three items designed, I have all the work here on these papers, I just need them put on patches, and also sewn into banners and standards. I will pay for all material. I also want a contract, if you are able to duplicate the magical effects; I want a cut in all profits.” Kohl tells her.

Tilly looks like she was just handed a pot of gold and Prince Rygar himself, just walked by and took it, leaving her a few silver for her troubles.

“What kind of cut? It’s a deal on the trade for stitch work though, hand over the papers before I forget.” Tilly the starving dog had vanished, in her place, Tilly the stingy business woman appears.

Kohl hands over the papers with the sketches he needs work on. Banners for the Church of Law, each individual God of Law’s symbol and the House of Ikao crest. Tilly scans through them, nodding as she turns each page to the next design.

“This is easy enough; I can have examples of each one in 2 days.” Tilly says.

“Hmm, we are only in port until tomorrow evening. The dockmaster is a hard man to deal with.” Kohl says.

“I will be working all night on these crests then, with little time to study the cloak!” Tilly exclaims.

“Hire someone to help you; you said you have a partner. I believe this opportunity could make you and your partner very wealthy, even with my thirty percent cut.” Kohl smiles as he adds in his cut percentage to the desperate woman.

“Thirty percent! That’s mad! Five percent, no higher.” The seamstress folds her arms in an act of defiance, but Kohl is not only skilled in the art of diplomacy via axe blade, he has been trained to use words as well.

“Good Lady. You stand a chance to sell clothing to people that doesn’t dirty, or smell; repairs minor tears and holes over time. Yes you will loose money in your repairs, but think how much you can charge for an article of this clothing, all the noblemen will wish it, you will be able to branch to other cities and sell your wares all over Khorvaire.” Kohl’s attempt to distract her from the high percentage cut works; Tilly’s eyes grow wide as she realizes she can export these clothes potentially all over the world.

“If I can duplicate the effect, I could bring this to Prince Rygar, with his backing, and merchant fleet..” Kohl allows the woman to ponder for a moment before he begins to take the cloak off.

“Do we have a deal Tilly? If there is a scribe’s house near by, we can go have the contracts drawn up right now and you and your people can get to work. I have a full weekend ahead of me and need to press on.” Kohl says.

Tilly and Kohl agree on the terms and conditions of their new partnership. Kohl hands her over the cloak and they walk just across the street to a Scribe’s shop. Both leave the scribe’s with a contract securely in hand. He spends a little longer explaining that the material from the cloak is from an animal on his world, it would be the equivalent of silk produced by a worm and common arachnid. Tilly feels she can attempt to match the material but it would be extremely costly, so Kohl says that his other clothing is made from common animal fiber, which she should have plenty of.

Tilly takes a moment to complete the order by having Kohl pick out the colors and fabric of the banners and standards. Kohl does, based on Kael traditional heraldry. Tilly promises to have some works completed for him by the next day, and gives Kohl directions to her store.

With little time left before he must head to the Rusty Anchor for the Try-Games, Kohl continues on his travels through out Regalport, in search of the church of Sovereign Hosts, where he may begin street preaching the word of Law.

Just before he must head back to the Rusty Anchor, Kohl rounds a bend in the street and see’s the banners of the Sovereign Host Church.

Sar – Rhaan 14th, 998 YK

Saturday – September 14th, 998 YK


After winning the Try-Games Arm Wrestling Championship, Kohl leaves the Rusty Anchor and Caiphys for other pressing business.

Kohl returns to the church of Sovereign Host and watches the people milling about the streets. Another street preacher is near by, promising those that do not follow some god of a pantheon unfamiliar to Kohl, that a violent rapture is coming. He laughs as he picks out a suitable area to begin his own preaching. He then realizes that people will look and scoff at him for the very reason he just laughed at the man preaching down the street.

He decides to take a different method on this preaching. He picks his spot and focuses on those people around him, in a deeply inflected tone; he begins to tell the history of the Kyr and their battles of Dha’Ark. The thought is, if he educates the people about his religious origins, those that come by and see him again, will be more familiar with what he is saying.

That evening’s attempts, although drew a few interested listeners; as well as some questions, drew many confused looks from passers by. Kohl heads back to the Swiftwind to continue his preparations for a full day of preaching.

Sul – Rhaan 15th, 998 YK

Sunday – September 15th, 998 YK

Kohl awakes and prepares for a full day of preaching, he returns to his chosen location in time to see people entering the Church of the Sovereign Host for morning prayers. He enters the church to observe their practices, already familiar with the pantheon. Just before services have completed, he leaves to begin, hoping to catch followers of the Host as they leave to go about the rest of their daily business.

Kohl begins a new with his tales of the Kyr of old, titanic battles and the creation of Gods. Soon he has a crowd of listeners, although to his dismay, the majority of his listeners are children, eager to hear tales from a Knight, and his own exploits.

As Kohl goes into a long explanation of the Dha’Arkeshi, the Kael’s mortal enemies, a male voice from the crowd causes him to stop.

“These Dha’Arkeshi, are they like the daelkyr from Xoriat?” The voice comes from a Sea Dragon, standing with his teenage son, the boy had been listening all morning.

“I think so father,” the boy says, which impressed Kohl, it appears to him that the children before him were listening to his stories, learning his culture and religion.

“Hmm, tell me about it later, I’m off to the docks.” The Sea Dragon walks off, his son, turns back to Kohl.

“This Dha’Ark, is it like Chaos?” The boy asks.

Kohl responds that Dha’Ark had been described to him by the High Priest of the Sovereign Host in Sharn as being very similar; however Dha’Ark was ruled by Uldhar, God of Ruin.At this point, a Sovereign Host cleric, loitering near by the Church, walks over and joins the crowd.

Members of the crowd and Kohl begin a discussion on the old Dhakaani Empire and their own battles with the the Daelkyr. Kohl ponders if the former arm wrestling champion he beat last night knows more, if Baragor Draa’len is a member of the tribes that follow the Gatekeepers, the sect responsible for eventually beating the Daelkyr, or if he’s a member of one of the other Orc tribes. He decides he will approach the Orc later to determine this.

The day is long, but Kohl, learns as much about the Eberron culture and history as he hopes some learned about his. He leaves that evening to stop by Tilly’s shop to pick up the banners and standards, very pleased with the initial work, he tells her that he has been granted at least one more evening here in Regalport which gives her more time to study.

This news pleases her. She introduces Kohl to Amendia Morningfyre, her partner. The two explain that, although they are talented Artificers, they have run into issues with discerning the magical properties, although minute, and they have enlisted members of their guild to help. They feel that if they had one to three more days to study the cloak, that they could have a breakthrough. Kohl agrees to leave the cloak for another night, and would return then to either collect or tell them he was leaving Regalport for a time.

Kohl meets up with his companions at the Rusty Anchor for dinner that evening, to learn Morthos won the Knife Throwing event. Although Baragor Draa’len is there, the Orc avoids Kohl every time he attempts to approach him.

Later that evening, Kohl sits down with Sejik. In his day spent preaching, the paladin discovered that it may be easier for the locals to comprehend his religion if it had familiar terminology. Kohl, remembers well his friend, the High Priestess of the Sovereign Host Church in Sharn’s warning about Sejik being a follower of the Traveler. Heeding that warning, Kohl doesn’t let on what it is he is doing, just shows an interest in historical religious comparison of the two worlds.

Mol – Rhaan 16th, 998 YK

Monday – September 16th, 998 YK


Armed with a bit more understanding of the religious history of Eberron, Kohl travels back to his spot. When he arrives, he notes several familiar youthful faces lounging about. Kohl spends the entire day recounting more religious history of Law and their dire enemies of Dha’ark, remembering to utilize more Eberron friendly terms to get his point across. Recalling to use words like Chaos and Xoriat, emphasizing the dangers of their wicked magic and philosophies.

One of the locals that has been listening over the past couple days from a distance, wanders over and stands with the crowd, his expression is that of a man torn between a faith he knows and a faith that is new, alien, yet makes sense.

Kohl pushes the point to his crowd that currently, Chaos is relying on the inactivity of the residence of Eberron and the various churches to allow their vile foothold to widen. Upon finishing for the day, the human male that had wandered over, moves to greet Kohl. He introduces himself as Ghrune.

“What you say makes sense. Our waters themselves have been plagued by a fierce chaos ship, beware of it!” Ghrune says, his eyes wide.

Ghrune is an older man, with the leathery skin of someone that has spent his entire life outdoors in the sun. He begins a long diatribe about the inactivity of the local churches in taking care of the world’s evils, especially those local to the principalities. After speaking for a short while longer, Kohl gets the feeling he is speaking to a professional sailor that has retired to land and now has nothing better to do with his time than theorize the plights of the world.

“Ghrune, thank you for attending today, I pray I will see you on the morrow.” Kohl bows. “That ye will Lord Knight!” the older man bows in respect as Kohl wanders through the crowd. Kohl stops by Tilly’s to reward her and Amendia with news that he will be here at least for a few more days, giving them several more nights of study.

In response, the two women give Kohl a large bundle of material; he opens it to find robes, tunics and pants, tabards, and cloaks, all with crests of Ikao, the Symbol of Law, or Torval specifically. Along with the clothes, a new pair of boots with sturdier soles for better maneuvering aboard ships.

“Thank you Ladies.” Kohl says on his way out, back to the Swiftwind to change.

Mol – Rhaan 16th, 998 YK

Monday – September 16th, 998 YK

Late Evening

Kohl, after meeting with Prince Rygar, decides to go to the Rusty Anchor. When he arrives, the Orc bodyguard Baragor is busy throwing a drunken sailor out onto the street. When the Orc turns to head back into the tavern, he finds Kohl blocking the entrance.

“Arrggg what do you want!?” Baragor growls.

“I would like to talk; can I buy you a drink?” Kohl asks as he allows the Orc to reenter the Rusty Anchor unimpeded.

Kohl and Baragor sit and talk, Kohl careful not to interfere with the Orc’s duties as bar bodyguard. His questions are in regards to the Gatekeepers, and although Baragor is not a member of that clan, he also points out he has not been to his homelands in many years, but that he has family in the area. After their drinks finish, Kohl excuses himself and heads back to the ship.

Zol – Rhaan 17th, 998 YK

Tuesday – September 17th, 998 YK


Kohl awakes early, bruises and cuts from the nights battle with undead still fresh and quite sore, he readies himself for another day of devotion to his faith. Far from his lands, he sits at the edge of his cot on the Swiftwind. In just a few short months he and his cousin will have been trapped on this world for a year. Kohl reflects on the things he is missing, or could miss while he is away from his home in Shilund and his duties on The Wall.

The first things that come to mind are his family. Kohl had never mentioned it to any, but not a year before; he had taken a wife, a fellow Paladin, La’une. The two had known each other for many years, as close friends and companions. Several years ago, after a long ocean journey to Storm’s End, the two Kael became romantically involved and were soon married.

The tragic news of his and Taveah’s grandfather, the reason the two cousins had been traveling south before being set upon by Dha’Arkeshi and a portal-storm, had been written in La’une’s hand. The letter, neatly folded, was kept in a pocket in his tunic.

Baring Kohl’s unbending resolve and ironclad piety to his religion, it was the thought of seeing his wife again that kept Kohl driving forward. Allying himself with lesser races, working with followers of unknown and secretive gods or staying his axe upon the insolent was becoming a means to an end. Going home.

Kohl sat up, and walked over to the wash basin. Saying a simple prayer to Torval and burning some incense, the water within the basin shimmered briefly. Kohl smiled, so long as his god heard his words, he had faith that he and his cousin would someday be reunited with their families, in their homeland. He would just need to be patient. Kohl washed away the nights sleep with the holy water, saying another short prayer, the remnants of his wounds healed, his skin showing no signs of the battle just hours before.

Kohl’s eyes fell upon the mark upon his chest, the aberrant Dragonmark. He had been plagued by dreams for weeks, as had all of his companions. They have been potentially cursed to die within the year, yet to the Kael’s immortal eyes, he saw more than just a curse that could potentially be broken within the next few weeks or months. Kohl saw change, dangerous and corrupting. The Kael race had been protected for generations by an after affect from the spell of Ascension used to destroy the Dha’Arksehi that had invaded Shilund. The Kael did not change upon maturity. Kohl bore no scars from wounds received; his body had a natural regenerative property, destroying scar tissue as it formed.

Kohl had faced legions of undead, minions of a dragon god, warriors of chaos and Dha’Ark and none of this scared him. The mark on his chest brought fear, but he battled that fear daily by the raw strength and tenacity of prayer. Torval would guide him, surround him in his divine light, even when eclipsed by darkness.

Kohl dressed and left for his day’s preaching. He yearned for walking into one of the grand temples of Law, to take part in some of the Hymns of Law, listening to them resonate as they reached a crescendo of divine power. Walking into some of the churches and temples of Ebberon, he found the devotions found within lacking the passion of a faith constantly tested by it’s enemies.

Before Kohl knew it, he had reached his makeshift Temple of Law, a sunny spot in an otherwise shady street. Familiar faces looked eagerly at the Kael’s approach.

Today, the Paladin decided, to discuss with those around him what happens when Chaos is aloud to fester within civilization, what happens when churches and governments are slow to act, what happens when man is given power to become a god. Kohl tells his audience about the history of Kithia. How chaos had tainted the ruling family, tempting those within with prophecies of darkness and unending power. How it took hundreds of thousands of lives to end before nations and churches finally acted.

By the end of the day, Kohl was tired. His mood was brightened when he saw that Taveah and Miklos had come to listen. He walked over to them.

“Cousin, you speak very well.” Taveah said. Kohl’s cousin looked upon him with worry, she saw how tired he was.

“Why do you do this to yourself? It’s not worth it! These people are not worthy.” Taveah speaks in the Kael tongue. Miklos, having spent the past couple months translating Kohl’s holy book of law, understands the gist of what is said.

“What do you mean Taveah?” the Gnome asks in broken Kael.

“Historically, the Kael were the sole worshipers of Law. Non-Kael were forced to convert by the end of a blade, not by word, as Kohl is doing now. As we have freed our slaves, those that still dwell in our lands have adopted our beliefs, but our world and it’s nations still follow individual paths. Ironically though, religions from nation to nation may defer, but most of the gods are the same. Most of the huunan gods ascended from mortality at some point in our history, blessed by Uune herself. As an example, the huunan god Thane is the god of the dead in three separate nations, he is the chief god in one of them. So for the Kael, there is an almost, racial purity when it comes to our religion. It is not offered up to any elf, human or otherwise lesser race.”

Miklos is taken aback by the sudden racial bias Taveah is showing. Kohl interrupts Miklos before the gnome even has a chance to speak.

“Taveah, if we are to return home, we need Law to strengthen its hold on this world. I have access to my powers, but I have yet been able to commune, to hear the word of Torval. His voice, his words have been absent from my ear for seven months. I believe if I can bring the faith of Law to these lands, I can bridge our world with this one and then, perhaps Miklos here will be able to figure out a way for us to return home to our families.” Kohl places a comforting hand on his cousin’s shoulder.

Taveah lowers her head.

“I am sorry Kohl, you are right.” Taveah looks over to Miklos,” I’m sorry Miklos, I didn’t mean to call you a lowly F’kesk. I am anxious to be home again, and our way home may not be paved by sword but by word and that we may have to rely on people that we would normally…” Tavea is cut off by Miklos .

“Would enslave? Treat like lesser beings? Both of you may be from divine origins, counting yourself as superior, but you need all of us to get home. You bleed just like the rest of us, you can die just like the rest of us, and you make mistakes, just like the rest of us.” Miklos finishes, jabbing his stubby finger in Taveah’s upper leg.

Kohl ponders the gnomes words for a moment, Taveah bristles noticeably at being ‘poked’ by Miklos.

“He’s right Taveah, it has always been the biggest problem with our race and culture. We are slow to change because we are taught that change is wrong. In my own preaching I have learned that change in itself is not corrupt, but how and what has changed. We must always be mindful of change, looking for Dha’Arks corrupt tendrils attached to it. Have patience with us Miklos, millennium of one type of thought process can not be driven from an individuals mind so easily.”

Wir – Rhaan 18th, 998 YK

Wednesday – September 18th, 998 YK


Kohl begins by reading a passage from the book of Kael, a prophecy that may currently be coming to pass, about the god Kaimar. The prophecy foretells a time of strife, when the dead themselves rise up and try to become gods among men, when ancient enemies slither out of the holes in the ground to begin corrupting the nations of man once more, when nations go to war against their alies, perpetrated by lies, betrayal and heresy. Millions perish, but in this era of death and misery, a man will walk the lands, healing the sick, the dying, bringing hope to the hopeless, and finding new leaders among ordinary citizens. The prophecy foretells the rebirth of Kaimar as a man who will walk Ound Shyr and save the believers from the evils of Uldhar and his wretched Dha’Arkeshi, cousins of the Daelkyr from Xoriat.

As the crowds gathers near, Kohl begins to tell how he and his cousin traveled to Khorvaire, how just prior, they had been traveling home when beset by Cultists of Dha’Ark and how they too had been transported with them to the streets of Sharn. Upon their arrival, the cultists fled the scene, leaving the two Kael before they could be slain.

“Dha’Ark, Chaos, its foul taint now walks the lands of Khorvaire. The Cultists of Dha’Ark are skilled in converting new followers. Soon a foothold will be set. Soon, more minions from Xoriat and Dha’Ark will enter these lands. My intentions are simple, good people.”

Kohl notes his listeners have doubled from yesterday, he wishes he wasn’t about to leave for a few weeks.

“In order to fight, people must be educated. My faith is built to put arms against Dha’Ark. New followers of Law must be trained, the powers of Law must break through the barriers of Ound Shyr and into those of Eberron, joining forces with the gods of the Sovereign Host, and others that will not stand for the corruption and utter destruction Dha’Ark will bring to this world.” Some nods from the faces in the crowd tells Kohl he is on the right track.

“I need to begin teaching those willing to learn the tenants of Law. I myself am on a grand quest, taking me to the four corners of this world. I do not know when I will return, but I do need help! I need those willing to pass the word of Law into the ears and hearts of others that will listen! I need scribes to translate my holy book so others can learn from its teachings. I need sword arms, holy men and casters willing to fight back the ruinous advances of Dha’Ark and their allies from Xoriat! Our path is clear, for our enemies are already among us! My companions and I just discovered a host of minions from the planes of Xoriat not a week past, they are here I tell you! I will give my life for these lands, lands still widely unknown. I give my sword arm, my beating heart, and my iron-clad faith to help defend your way of life, what will you give I ask!?”

Kohl is amazed that at the end of this monologue, cheers follow. He takes a moment to allow the crowd to calm before continuing.

“Good people of Regalport. I will return here in three weeks. I will be looking for able bodied and minded folk able and willing to learn what I have to teach. I am having scribes transcribe my holy book and when released, I will bring copies back here to Regalport. I will pass these books on to all who will follow in Laws light. It is faith that will bring the gods of Law to Eberron. It is unity that will destroy Dha’Ark and the heretics of Xoriat on Eberron once more.” Kohl leaves the group with one last thought.

“Remember this good people! Do put a pig farmer in charge of a fishing fleet? Do you ask a city guard to cast spells? Do you ask a priest of the Keeper to provide food on your table?”

Kohl was answered with no’s from each question posed.

“The Church of Law battles corruption, battles chaos!”

Kohl takes a moment to let the people digest what he has said. Many come up to him with questions about the horrors of Xoriat he has seen. Kohl tells them of Gibbering Mouthers and Foulspawn, pure minions of change, existing on the soil of these very lands. He tells people that those individuals that sign up to follow his footsteps will need to be ready for adventure and hard training. He will only be able to take a few people, so if more volunteer than what he can bring along, he will assign them duties here at home.

The response is good. Kohl is not rewarded with any immediate volunteers; however he feels there will be some who wish to join his cause soon. Kohl excuses himself as he must head back to the Swiftwind to continue his quest.

On the way he stops by Tilly and Amendia’s shop, he tells them that he is leaving for several weeks and after allowing the two ladies to pout for a moment, he smiles and tells them to keep the cloak while he is gone. Both woman promises to break the mystery of the cloaks magical dweomer and return his cloak upon his return.

Just as the paladin leaves the shop, he hears someone call out his name from an ally. Kohl turns to find Cornath.

“It is good to see you alive Kohl!” The Emerald Claw warrior says.

Kohl smiles, he is genuinely pleased to see the warrior.

“I should say the same of you Carnath. How have you fared?” The two clasp forearms in greeting.

“Not well, I need to get out of here. Please help me!” The warriors eyes slip, revealing desperation. “Remember your promise, you promised me a ship!”

“Speak not those lies again Carnath, I promised you nothing but a chance at life. Sejik made that promise with you, that ship, long slipped through our fingers. I can get you out of here, we travel to Dreadwood this very day on the Swiftwind, however there is a problem, Prince Rygar has added a Seadragon contingent to the ship, you will need to be ‘disguised’. Pretend to be an interested convert to law, it should keep suspicious eyes away from you during our journey.” Kohl studies the man’s intent as he answers.

“Anything, just get me out of here!”

The two head for the docks, discussing his new role as a convert to law and what, in the next three weeks will be expected of him.

Wir – Rhaan 18th – Wir-Rhaan 25th 998 YK

Wednesday – September 18th, 998 YK

The trip to Dreadwood Island is uneventful. Kohl and Cornath spend their time on deck discussing Law, usually in earshot of Swiftwind sailors or the Sea Dragon contingent.

Cornath plays the part of the convert well, asking questions and listening to the paladin’s teachings. In return, Kohl learns valuable information about religions from this world, allowing him to make comparisons and continue to convert information so that natives of this world can understand his faith.



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