Eberron - Eyes of the Lich Queen Character Diary

Sommek 23 1715

What glories we have faced! The monastery complex was massive, all built within the mountain side. We moved room by room, many denizens of the Dark Lord had taken up residence within the temples crumbling walls. For two days we battled zombies, skeleton warriors; former fallen brothers and sisters, and several vampires. Three from our group of 14 fell, we burn their bodies this evening inside the temple. Larjun-Sloras Markos Pakao, the only other follower of Torval, will consecrate the temple before we seal it. I myself have been gifted with a mighty war-axe with Torvals naming rune upon it. Several scrolls, holy books, including one I shall carry were also discovered. However, several relics were discovered in the personal quarters of the monastery’s Master Superior. These will all be brought back and studied further. I shall enjoy reading this holy book, not only is it dedicated to Torval specifically; it is from the House Ikao, one of my ancestors! It is somewhat different, as there is mention of Kaimar within its pages and an unfamiliar prophecy about his return.



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