Eberron - Eyes of the Lich Queen Character Diary

Sommek 40 1715 (Zarantyr 1 998 Eberron date)

We are nearing the boarder of Shilund, it would seem just in time. Taveah has noted a bad storm approaching, we should catch the beginnings of the storm just before we cross into our homeland. (Notes made on Sommek 42 1715) We were assaulted by 8 followers of Dha’Ark just before passing into Shilund. During the attack, the runner was killed. Taveah and I managed to slay 3 before we knew what was really going on, a portal storm! Almost unheard of in the Shilund border regions! We, however were not transported to a different part of Ound Shyr, but a completely new world! We were dumped off in the middle of a street in what we have since then learned is the city of Sharn, on the world of Eberron. Our fight continued briefly before the cultists escaped into the crowds. I must find these cultists, before they spread the filth of Dha’Ark. Their leader seemed familiar to me, I did not see his face as he was masked, but I am sure I know him. Not speaking the languages, or carrying the local money, Taveah and I made our way to a nicer part of the city, which reminds us both or Nyr, housing many wonders.



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