Eberron - Eyes of the Lich Queen Character Diary

A brief history...

A brief History

Kohl and his cousin Taveah have traveled from another world, Ound Shyr, to the lands of Eberron. Their method of travel was accidental, a chaotic force that opened a portal, connecting both worlds momentarily. Kohl, prior to traveling to the lands of Eberron was a soldier tasked with serving on ‘The Wall’, a massive fortress/wall structure of magical and divine origins that protects the rest of Ound Shyr from the undead legions of Lord Kythia, an undead demigod of immense power. Both Kohl and Taveah have been residing in the city of Sharn, working with several mage guilds and the church of the Sovereign Host to discover a way home. An Artificer, Miklos the Great, has championed this cause, studying every detail of Ound Shyr in hopes to build a permanent device that will open a portal to bridge the two worlds. Kohl is a worshiper of the Kyrling Gods, a pantheon of Law; prominent on Ound Shyr. His god, Torval, is the god of Justice. Kohl is a devout follower of Torval, looking to further his word and destroy his enemies, the wretched followers of Dha’ark.


Typical of his race, Kohl is bronzed skinned, standing 6’2” tall and 185lbs. He wears his long black hair in a partial top knot, allowing the volume of his hair to flow off his shoulders like a waterfall. His eyes are solid white, the charred marks, forming discolored patterns around his eyes, are in the forms of sharp curving edges and piercing points. Kohl adorns himself in fine clothing and jewelry, befitting his station. His clothing, of Kael make, are considered lesser magic items, resistant to dirt and odor. His plate mail bares the emblem of Ikao, a fierce Condor.


Kohl, is a devout warrior of his god. His name Kohl, means Devout in the Kael tongue. He tries to view situations with a hard cold eye. Although, now in a foreign land, away from his people, he has lessened his views on lesser races and allowed those that he would normally view as inferior, to work with him, so long as it will further his task in finding a way home. This reduced racial intolerance has also carried over to the various pantheons of Eberron. He has taken steps to learn about the gods of this new land, however it is more-so to discern if the taint of Dha’ark has wrapped it’s tendrils around Eberrons heart. Kohl is willing to work with lesser races and followers of questionably chaotic gods to further his own goals of getting home. He still maintains his beliefs, and watches all, especially the cleric in his group, carefully. Should Sejik, follower of The Traveler, or any other member of his group exhibit any traits akin to the followers of Dha’ark or become tainted by Dha’ark, he will purify them with the fires of Torval.

Sommek 14 1715

Another assault by the Dread Lords minions, our company maintained a vigilant defense, easily defeating the mass of undead soldiers.

Sommek 16 1715

Lord Kazzik has asked a group of us to raid into the Dread Lords territory. One of the Dread Lords minions that fell in battle was a fallen Kael Munk, long dead, however There is an ancient Kael Monastery that was dedicated to Torval, thought lost, a dozen or so miles south of our position. If it is there, there should be several relics housed within that could be brought back. My cousin Taveah will scout the lands for the rest of us, I will be glad she is with us.

Sommek 19 1715

The heat and humidity is breaking our lines down. All of us are in plate or various forms of mail armor. Taveah is the only one fairing well, she wore leathers. We have yet to see any of the Dread Lords Minions in our travels, it’s been a day. We should arrive near the location sometime tomorrow night.

Sommek 20 1715

We have camped for the evening at the entrance of a partially collapsed temple built into the side of a mountain. Taveah has located a hidden entrance, tomorrow morning we will enter the Temple. Even in the close proximity I can feel my Lords Will and Strength.

Sommek 23 1715

What glories we have faced! The monastery complex was massive, all built within the mountain side. We moved room by room, many denizens of the Dark Lord had taken up residence within the temples crumbling walls. For two days we battled zombies, skeleton warriors; former fallen brothers and sisters, and several vampires. Three from our group of 14 fell, we burn their bodies this evening inside the temple. Larjun-Sloras Markos Pakao, the only other follower of Torval, will consecrate the temple before we seal it. I myself have been gifted with a mighty war-axe with Torvals naming rune upon it. Several scrolls, holy books, including one I shall carry were also discovered. However, several relics were discovered in the personal quarters of the monastery’s Master Superior. These will all be brought back and studied further. I shall enjoy reading this holy book, not only is it dedicated to Torval specifically; it is from the House Ikao, one of my ancestors! It is somewhat different, as there is mention of Kaimar within its pages and an unfamiliar prophecy about his return.

Sommek 27 1715

We arrived back to a heroes welcome by our company, however Taveah and I were also greeted by a runner from Paln Kaimar, our Grandfather was attacked, his time has come to join Torval. Taveah and I will accompany the runner back to the monastery in Shilund to join our family.

Sommek 39 1715

Taveah and I have been arguing for days, she feels I made a poor decision siding with the runner on our path leading back home. She wished to cut into untraveled territories while I felt it would be safer to take a caravan route. Although, something has not been right, I keep getting this feeling, as if my blood itself is boiling, but it goes away soon after.

Sommek 40 1715 (Zarantyr 1 998 Eberron date)

We are nearing the boarder of Shilund, it would seem just in time. Taveah has noted a bad storm approaching, we should catch the beginnings of the storm just before we cross into our homeland. (Notes made on Sommek 42 1715) We were assaulted by 8 followers of Dha’Ark just before passing into Shilund. During the attack, the runner was killed. Taveah and I managed to slay 3 before we knew what was really going on, a portal storm! Almost unheard of in the Shilund border regions! We, however were not transported to a different part of Ound Shyr, but a completely new world! We were dumped off in the middle of a street in what we have since then learned is the city of Sharn, on the world of Eberron. Our fight continued briefly before the cultists escaped into the crowds. I must find these cultists, before they spread the filth of Dha’Ark. Their leader seemed familiar to me, I did not see his face as he was masked, but I am sure I know him. Not speaking the languages, or carrying the local money, Taveah and I made our way to a nicer part of the city, which reminds us both or Nyr, housing many wonders.

Sommek 42 1715 (Zarantyr 3 998 Eberron date)

We have procured lodgings in a tavern called the Maiden’s Kiss; an upper class establishment. The owner is a Fkesk, or Dwarf named Jerrish Hammerfist. Across the way is a Temple, a multi-theistic pantheon, one of the flags is very similar to that of Torval. I will investigate it tomorrow. Perhaps members of this temple have prayers of language at their disposal.


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